Courses for Young Learners

Enhance Education Language Centre

These courses will focus upon:
  • Improving all four language skills; speaking, writing, listening and reading.
  • Enhancing learners’ basic interpersonal skills and developing their confidence in the use of English.
  • Progressive development of early literacy skills.
  • Improving reading comprehension and writing skills.
  • Building vocabulary covering a range of topics.
  • Developing essential grammar structures.
  • Practice tasks for accurate use of vocabulary and grammar.
  • Regular personalised speaking activities with group work and games to promote confidence and fluency.
  • Delivering projects and organising activities which allow students to apply their knowledge of English in creative, interactive and fun ways.
  • Assisting students prepare for national exams.
  • Developing language skills and confidence through a variety of activities; songs, stories, games,and creative productive tasks.
  • Use of materials and activities to prepare students for Cambridge Young Learners’ exams.